Stainless Steel Sewage Pump

Stainless steel sewage pump belongs to a centrifugal impurity pump, mainly used for transporting municipal sewage, feces or liquid with fiber.


Product Description

Stainless steel sewage pump belongs to a centrifugal impurity pump, mainly used for conveying municipal sewage, feces or liquid with fiber. for solid particles such as paper, the temperature of the medium is usually no more than 80℃. because the medium being transported with fibers that are easily convoluted or bunched,Therefore, the pump channel is easy to block, once the pump is blocked, it will make the pump can not work normally, or even burn the motor,resulting in poor sewage drainage and serious impact on city life and environmental protection.

Therefore, anti-clogging and reliability are important factors of sewage pump.

Stainless steel sewage pump, as the name implies, is a kind of water pump that can be submerged in the water, after the treatment of pollutants in the river, so that the sewage can be discharged normally. Submersible sewage pump can put the fiber, bag, belt, grass, cloth and other substances in the sewage pulverized tear and cut off, and then smoothly discharged, especially suitable for conveying liquids with solids, fibers and especially dirty, sticky and slippery liquids. Submersible sewage pump can be divided into two types: as submersible sewage pump and av submersible sewage pump. Compared with normal horizontal pump and vertical pump,submersible sewage pump has compact structure, small occupation area, easy installation and maintenance, long running time and no problems such as cavitation damage and water diversion.

In recent years, as the country's emphasis on environmental protection,as well as the promotion of environmental protection awareness in various industries and the repid development of industry, the submersible sewage pump more and more get people's attention, at the same time,the area of the use of submersible sewage pump is becoming more and more widely, from simply used to transport cleaning water to transport all kinds of sewage drainage, construction site and industrial waste water, liquid feed, etc. Submersible sewage pumps play a very important role in municipal engineering,industry,construction,hotels,hospitals,water construction and other industries.

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