Sleigh Axial-flow Pump

For the sleigh submersible axial-flow pump knowledge, may be a lot of friends are still very strange, but for its amazing working ability maybe you have heard


Product Description


Product introduction

For the sleigh submersible axial-flow pump knowledge,may be a lot of friends are still very strange,but for its amazing working ability maybe you have heard. The sleigh submersible axial-flow pump is very powerful,during working,its flow can reach 10 to 650 cubic meters per hour,its head range can even reach 1500 meters. What makes the sleigh submersible axial-flow pump so powerful? Now we are going to analyze it. 

Sleigh submersible axial-flow pump is widely used in all areas of modern industrial production. It can take the underground water to the surface,and also can make full use of river water for modern agricultural irrigation, or for people living in the plateau region,etc. Before the sleigh submersible axial-flow pump running,the suction tube and the pump are filled with liquid. After turning on the pump,the impeller begin high-speed rotating,at the same time the inside liquid also rotates. Under the action of the centrifugal force,the water in the pump shoot out from the impeller, finally flow out of the pump outlet and out of from the discharge pipe through a series of inside setting. Sleigh submersible axial-flow pump utilizes such a simple physical principle to realize its own value, which provides the power for our human production & life and productivity.

Product name: Sleigh axial-flow pump, Sleigh submersible axial-flow pump, Inclined axial-flow pump, Vertical axial-flow pump

Service life: 20years - 30years

Flow range: 300m³/h-60000 m³/h

Water head range:1m-35m

Power range:15kw-1000kw

Water outlet diameter:350QZB-1200QZB

Motor: dry motor(covered with pure copper wire) dip coating process

Mechanical seal: (double or multiple) adopt domestic first-class brand Sichuan Riji or import brand

Bearings: adopt domestic first-class brand Wafangdian

Impeller: generally adopt 2Cr13 or stainless steel for highly corrosive water quality 304, 316, 316L, etc

Pump shaft: 2Cr13 and other materials, and customized according to the pump type and using condition

Protection equipment: relevant protection can be assembled according to the customer’s required, such as motor winding overheating protection, bearing overheating protection, water inlet protection for oil cavity, water inlet protection for motors, water inlet protection for junction box.

Product performance

1.Product performance: 1.the motor drives the water pump is the dry-type fully closed submersible three-phase asynchronous motor,which can be immersed in water for long time and has a series incomparable advantages of the traditional pump unit. 2.Since the motor and the pump constitute a whole part, it is easy and quick to install on site, no need to carry out the assembly process of time-consuming & labor-consuming motor transmission and axis alignment.3. Because of underwater operation, it can greatly simplify the real geotechnical and building structure engineering of the pumping station, reduce the installation area, and save engineering cost by 30 ~ 40%. 4. Low noise,no high temperature in the pump station,improved operating environment. Building a full underground pump station according to the requirement keep the surface environment of ground.

Product use:

it can be used in farmland irrigation and drainage, also in industrial and mining docks, city construction,water supply,water supply and drainage of power station,amusement park.


Sleigh axial flow pump: the reasons of sleigh submersible axial flow pump mechanical seal leakage

The sleigh submersible axial-flow pump mechanical seal leakage may be caused by the abrasion between moving ring surface and static ring surface of mechanical seal, there are 6 reasons for this abrasion:

1.Install too tight: check the moving ring surface and static ring surface of mechanical seal,if there are serious charred and deep blackened traces,and seal rubber hardening or loss of elasticity and other phenomena,this is caused by over-tighting. Solution: adjust the mounting height, pull the spring with a screwdriver after installation of impeller. The spring will reset after the release because of its strong tension. Let it have a distance of 2-4mm

2.Install too loose:check the moving ring surface and static ring surface of mechanical seal, the surface has a very thin layer of scale(can be able to erase), this is caused by the loss of spring elasticity and poor assembly, or by the axial movement of the motor.

3.Poor water quality with particles: The poor water quality,containing small particles and high content of hydrochloride in the medium cause abrasive materials and wear the mechanical seal plane or strain the surface, and then form groove & ring groove and other phenomenon. Solution: improve water pressure or medium,change the mechanical seal.

4.Running without water causes dry grinding damage:this phenomenon is more commen in the bottom valve installed in the form of negative pressure at the inlet, air in the pipe inlet, and there is air in the pump chamber, after turning on the pump, the friction of the mechanical seal running at high speed produces high temperature, unable to get cooling, check the mechanical seal, the spring tension is okay, the friction surface is charred and blackened, the rubber becomes hard and cracked. Spolution: empty the air inside the pipe and pump chamber, change the mechanical seal.

5.Cavitation : cavitation corrosion mainly occurs in hot water pumps. Due to the medium is hot water, steam is produced when the water temperature is too high. The steam in the pipeline enters into the pump chamber and  can not be excluded,resulting in water shortage and failure of the seal dry grinding. Solution: installing automatic exhaust valve,change the mechanical seal.

6.Assembly problem: the pump cover may not be mounted flat during the installation,making the shaft and the pump cover are in the non-vertical,which caused the static plane and the moving plane can not meet properly, in a short time after turning on the pump,causeing the pump’s unilateral wear and seepage. Solution:remove it and reinstall it,check if the pump cover is installed flat.


The voltage and flow of Sleigh submersible axial-flow pump are rated. Under this condition, if the pump is continuously operated for 1-2 hours,,the pump running will reach a stable state. The performance test of sleigh submersible axial flow pump starts from the minimum point of power. For mixed flow pumps,axial flow pumps,or whirlpool pumps,the valve should be fully running from the start. That is the difference in the beginning. During the measurement period ,13 measurement points should be taken, and the measurement points should be evenly distributed across the whole performance curve. Each point should be measured at a time interval to ensure that the point reaches a stable state.

According to the professional introduction, from the perspective of measurement of sleigh submersible axial flow pump,”three-phase submersible pump should read three-phase current,input power,power frequency,speed tolerance,water head range and flow value. Single-phase submersible pump for split phase starting and capacitor start motor should read input power, stator main winding current, power frequency,speed tolerance,water head range and flow value, for capacitor running and capacitor start running motor should read input power,stator main winding current and stator assistant winding current,power frequency,speed tolerance,water head range and flow value.”


With the development of electric power technology, there are more and more types of submersible pumps,it is inevitable that submersible pumps vibrate during running. The reason for vibration of sleigh submersible axial-flow pump are as follows: 1.Sleigh submersible axial-flow pump rotor is unbalanced in the manufacturing process,pump and pump shaft is at different center,collision and friction occur between rotor and stator. 2. Being used for a long time cause wear and aging,impeller loosing, bearing damage or bearing clearance. 3. There are sundries in the pipe inlet and impeller and the foundation of the submersible axial-flow pump is fixed not stable,which cause resonance strengthening. 4.While sleigh submersible axial-flow pump working to promote the flow,accompaning eddy current and cavitation arise vibration inevitably. It can be seen that sleigh submersible axial-flow pump vibrates is not necessarily a problem,can be checked by above methods.


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