Pitshaft Axial- flow Pump

Summary of submersible axial flow pump of Working principle, installation method, trouble shooting and maintenance


Product Description

Product introduction

Summary of submersible axial flow pump of Working principle,installation method,trouble shooting and maintenance:submersible pump is suitable for the irrigation and drainage pumping station with these features:the big flow,low head range,the raw water or mild sewage as conveying water quality,the media temperature below 50degrees, the head range of the water is within 10meters,simple operation and easy to use, matching the installation system,can be built underground pump station,keeping the ground scenery . It is suitable for the region along the river and lake where the water level fluctuation is bigger. This is a solution to the flood control.

Parameter of axial-flow pump and mixed-flow pump

The flow:350-15000m³

Head range:1-10m


Advantage of submersible mixed-flow pump and axial-flow pump

Submersible pumps and traditional long-shaft pumps have the following significant advantages in addition to their use occasions, water inlet and outlet conditions, and characteristic parameters:

Installation method of axial-flow pump and mixed-flow pump

Axial flow pump installation method is divided into:vertical installation, inclined installation, horizontal installation, floating installation

Vertical installation is the most common installation method at present, the installation condition need to build civil engineering, the need for accessories are divided into vertical steel pitshaft, steel through the wall pipeline, the baffle of float tank, steel blind plate.

Inclined installation is currently used for the riverside,which is easy to install and maintain.

There is no big difference between horizontal installation and inclined installation, horizontal installation is directly used in the water.

Floating installation is also a relatively new way of use at present. Generally, it is used in the region where the water level changes greatly. Such as collecting pools, lakes. It is characterized by the water level to change the pump working position.

Type of submersible axial-flow pump

350QZB 500QZB 600QZB 700QZB 800QZB 900QZB

Our axial flow pump type is divided into:350QZB 500QZB 600QZB 700QZB 800QZB 900QZB, etc

Three characteristics of flood control submersible axial flow pump in Zhonglan Pump Industry.

1. Dry motor and quality bearings. Stable operation and long service life, no need to add water to prevent freezing for the motor.

2. The vanes are made of stainless steel. Wear-resistance, oxidation-resistance, and corrosion-resistance. Overcurrent components have long service life.

3. The motor unit is equipped with sealing leakage, double winding and double bearing temperature rise monitoring devices, which can effectively monitor the running of the pump unit

4. Parameter,and matching the electric display provided by Zhonglan together with electric control cabinet used together, the customer is more assured to use the large caliber of Zhonglan

5. Big power axial flow pump, pump station mixed flow pump, etc.

Three free services

Free pre-sale on-site investigation--- in order to further understand the needs of the customer, Zhonglan pump company provides free on-site investigation service to ensure timely and accurate selection of specific type of pumps required by customers.

Provide free design for installation scheme---after communication or on-site investigation, Zhonglan can provide a free installation scheme, to provide customers with more reference and options.

Free after-sale on-site installation guidance----Zhonglan can provide free on-site installation guidance service according to the customer’s actual needs, and teach the operation specifications of pumps and matters needing attention for on-site construction personnel.


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