Incised sewage pump

WQAS/QWAS(hereinafter referred to as the electric pump below),consist of water pump,seal and motor.


Product Description

Service conditions:

Discharge of Factory sewage and commerce sewage;Urban sewage drainage system;Residential sewage drainage station;Civil air defense system drainage station;Sewage discharge of hospital and hotel;Municipal engineering,construction sites;Assistant equipment for exploration and mining;Rural biogas tank,farmland irrigation.

Product instruction:

WQAS/QWAS(hereinafter referred to as the electric pump below),consist of water pump,seal and motor. The motor is in the upper part of the electric pump,sharing the phase and three-phase asynchronous motors.Double-end mechanical seal is adopted between water pump and the motor,and “O” shape oil-resistant rubber sealing ring is used for static seal at each fixed stop seal.This series electric pumps are characterized by compact structure,large flow,high efficiency,easy to use,etc.The key part of mechanical seal is made of hard alloy and high-quality silicon carbide,which has good characteristics of anti-corrosion,anti-leakage,durability,etc.

Product characteristics:

  1. Adopting advanced technology,strong sewage drainage capacity,no blocking,can effectively pass solid particles with a diameter of φ30~φ80mm 

  2. The tearing mechanism can tear and cut off the fibrous material ,and then discharge it smoothly,no need filter on the pump.

  3. The design is reasonable,the power of matching motor is small,the energy saving effect is remarkable.

  4. Adopting the latest material for the mechanical seal can make the pump run safely and continuously for more than 8000 hours.

  5. The structure is compact,easy to move,easy to install,which can reduce project costs,eliminate the need to build a pump house.

Model implication



Before installation and use,pls carefully check whether the outside of the pump is intact,whether there is loose connection,oil leakage,and whether the cable is scratched. And pls carefully check the nameplate description of flow,water head range,voltage,etc,in order to use correctly.

Measure the cold insulation resistance of the electric pump by tramegger and the value should be bigger than 50ΜΩ. If below 50ΜΩ,it can be used till it is qualified after being dehumidified.

Electric pump should be equipped with corresponding switch,and reliable grounding<the double green phase is grounding line>

If the cable attached to the pump is not long enough,the added cable must be 1 times diameter of original pump cable,and the connection is tight.T he cable connection should be minimized and not be submerged in water.

Check if the startup is running properly(idled no more than 10 seconds), if the steering is correct(the pump cover indicates the direction),if three-phase submersible sewage pump has wrong steering,switching any two main line can correct it.

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