Coupling sewage pump

Pollution is the first driving force of environmental industry,the ultimate goal of the water environmental management must be the improvement of the water environment and water quality.


Product Description

Pollution is the first driving force of environmental industry,the ultimate goal of the water environmental management must be the improvement of the water environment and water quality so that people can really see the green mountains & clear water and fish swim happily & green grass.Recently,that state council leading group for western region development conference pointed out China is still in the process of urbanization,the urbanization rate is only about 58%,the construction of urban sewage facilities is the base of urbanization construction foundation,in which there is a huge investment potential. Especially for the urbanization construction of western areas, the construction of sewage and garbage treatment facilities is one of the weakness.This is not only a major project for people’s livelihood improvement,but also a major ecological project and development project,which can serve multiple purposes.It is in this field that Zhonglan pump industry has made positive contributions to the national ecological project construction by positioning itself accurately and making efforts constantly.

Zhonglan pump industry is a large pump company intergrating Production and Manufacturing, Technology research and development, Project design. Main products are:axial-flow pump, mixed-flow pump, sewage pump, submersible well pump, Special mine pump, inline pump, etc.  We also provide pipe fittings, valves, electrical control cabinet, electric facilities and other supporting facilities of purchasing and customized production.

Since company established,the company has been making continuous efforts in the field of environmental protection,designed and manufactured a large number of excellent environmental protection equipment,particularly stainless steel sewage pump,submersible sewage pump,incised sewage pump,stirred sewage pump,etc. Not only the quality is excellent,but also the system can be designed and customized according to the use of environment, which achieves the maximum effect and is favored by the market.Our submersible sewage pump series products are widely used in chemical,pharmaceutical,fire,petroleum,metallurgy,electric power,water conservancy,light industry,constructional engineering,environmental protection,refrigeration,heating and ventilation,high-rise water supply,municipal and other fields.

Zhonglan people take the quality as their life,take the market demand as their responsibility to constantly reform and innovate,improve the level of after-sales service.Quoting a sentence from the chairman of Zhonglan: selling products is just the beginning of the service,Zhonglan people together with our users take it as a creed to create a brilliant future.

Want to see a thousand miles,to the next level”,we have a large Test bed,Laboratory,Pump producing ERP system,comprehensive data analysis server,TP automated experimental system,etc.  Relying on powerful factory,technology,power supply equipment,advanced test equipment,test bed,laboratory,Zhonglan people took the lead in putting forward the concept of customized DIY production.  According to different water environment,engineering environment,complex environment,Zhonglan can provide customized scheme and customized pump products.We plan to further improve the level of technology research & development and industrial manufacturing,and continue to play an active role in the field of sewage treatment.


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