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Why Choose Stainless Steel Well Submersible Pumps?

Jan. 12, 2021

Zhonglan QJR series stainless steel well submersible pumps ,designed for pumping high temperature liquid,it is composed of YQS submersible electric motor and QJ submersible electric pump in directly connection. The parts of the pump are precisely manufactured by HT200 materials. It adopts mixed-flow or centrifugal single-suction multi-stage pump body structure,with built-in one-way valve and suction filter;the impeller is fixed on the pump shaft by a unified key,and is equipped with a pump shaft protection sleeve.The submersible motor adopts water-lubricated bearing,and the upper is equipped with sand thrower and skeleton oil seal to prevent mud and sand from entering the motor. This series pumps are chacteristic of compact structure,reliable operation,durability,easy to use,large power,less trouble,low maintenance cost,etc. As long as the motor filled with clear water,the pump can run normally.

Hot Water Submersible Pump

Scope of application

Submersible pump is suitable for hot water well,hot spring,farmland irrigation,garden watering,fountain landscape,rainwater recycling system,mine drainage,emergency,urban water supply,enterprises and institutions carrying the underground water with the advantages of low noise,high efficiency,and energy saving.

Product characteristics:

Impeller:stainless steel cast iron material 304/316

Pump shell:cast iron HT200,or stainless steel i.e.2Cr13,304

Pump shaft:cold drawn steel with Chrome plated,or stainless steel 2Cr13(tempering treatment at 1050℃,strengthening torque)

Motor seal:rubber seal 0 -ring,mechanical seal

Motor expansion control bag is made of rubber.


1.Deep well pump should be used in clean water with a content of less than 0.001%,pump house is equipped with pre-moistening water tank,the capacity should meet a start pre-moistening water.

2.For newly installed or overhauled deep well pumps,should adjust the clearance between the pump shell and the impeller,ensure no friction between the impeller and the pump shell during running.

3.Before the operation of the deep well pump ,clean water should be filled into the house of the shaft and bearing for pre-moistening

4.Before starting the deep well pump,the inspection items should meet the following requirements:

1)Base bolts have been tightened.

2)The axial clearance meets the requirements,the safety nut of the adjusting bolt has been installed.

3)The packing gland has been screwed and lubricated.

4)The motor bearing are lubricated

5)Rotating the rotor and the stop mechanism by hand are flexible and effective.

5.The deep well pump should not be idled without water. The primary and secondary impeller of the pump should be immersed below 1m water level,pls check  the change of the water level in the well frequently during running.

6.During running,when found there is a large vibration around the foundation,then should check the pump bearings or motor packing wear,when there is excessive wear and water leakage,then should replace new pieces.

7.The deep well pumps containing mud and sand have been sucked and discharged,before stopping the pump, should rinse the pump with clean water.

8.Before stopping the pump,should first close the outlet valve,cut off the power supply,lock the switch box. When it is winter,should release the water in the pump completely.

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