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Why Choose an Axial Flow Pump?

Dec. 05, 2020

Characteristics of Axial Flow Pumps

(1)Axial-flow pumps are suitable for high flow rates and low head. 2. Such as irrigation, flooding, dewatering of docks, water level adjustment of canal locks, or for large circulating pumps in power plants. The higher head axial flow pumps (sometimes made into two-stage) can be used for shallow water vessel spray propulsion. 

(2)The H-V characteristic curve of axial flow pump is very steep, and the shut-off head (flow Q=0) is 1.5~2 times of the rated value. 

(3Unlike centrifugal pumps, the smaller the flow rate of axial flow pumps, the higher the shaft power, so it should be started by opening the valve. 

(4)The range of efficient operation zone is small, and the efficiency decreases sharply on both sides of the rated point. 

(5)The impeller of axial flow pump is generally submerged in liquid, so there is no need to consider cavitation, and the pump does not need to be filled when starting.

(6)easy construction, low project cost, convenient maintenance and management, convenient operation, convenient automation, good work safety and reliability, landscaping and rapid development.

Pitshaft Axial flow Pump

How to deal with axial flow pump failure?

1. During the test run, check the connection position to ensure that there is no loose connection.

2. Electrical and instrumentation operation is normal; oil, air and water pipelines should not have leakage; pressure and hydraulic pressure are normal.

3. Always check whether there is suspended matter around the water inlet to prevent the water inlet from being blocked.

4. The temperature of axial flow pump rolling bearings should not be higher than 75 degrees.

5. Pay attention to the sound and vibration of the pump at any time, and immediately stop to check if any abnormality occurs.

6. The temperature of the oil in the gear box should be normal.

Characteristics of Zhonglan submersible axial flow pump.

1. Dry motor and high quality bearings. Stable operation, long service life, no need to add water to prevent the motor from freezing. 2.

2. The vane is made of stainless steel. Abrasion resistance, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. Long service life of over-current components.

The motor unit is equipped with sealed leak, double winding and double bearing temperature rise monitoring device, which can effectively monitor the operation of the pump unit.

4. parameters, and with the electric control display and electric control cabinet provided by the Chinese blue used in conjunction with, to ensure that customers use the Chinese blue large caliber

5. High-power axial flow pumps, mixed flow pumps for pumping stations, etc.

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