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Why Choose a Submersible Sewage Pump?

Jan. 27, 2021

The submersible sewage pump is a new generation pump with a compact structure and a small footprint compared to the general horizontal pump or vertical sewage pump, which is integrated with the motor and submerged under the liquid at the same time.

The submersible sewage pump is a new generation of pumps that have been successfully developed in combination with the characteristics of domestic pumps, capable of tearing and cutting off long fibres, bags, strips, grasses and cloths from sewage and then discharging them smoothly.

With its unique structure and new mechanical seal, the submersible sewage pump can effectively convey solids and long fibres. Compared with the traditional impeller, the impeller of this pump adopts the form of single or double runner, which is similar to a bent pipe with the same cross-sectional size and has very good over-flow, with a reasonable worm chamber, which makes the pump have high efficiency and the impeller is tested by dynamic and static balance, so that the pump has no vibration in operation.

Submersible Sewage Pump

Advantages of Submersible sewage pump 

Compared with the general horizontal pump or vertical sewage pump, the submersible sewage pump obviously has the following advantages:

1. Compact structure, small footprint. Submersible sewage pump can be installed directly in the cesspool because it is submerged in liquid, so there is no need to build a special pump room to install the pump and machine, which can save a lot of land and infrastructure costs.

2. Easy to install and maintain. Small sewage pumps can be installed freely, and large sewage pumps are generally equipped with automatic coupling devices for automatic installation, making installation and maintenance quite convenient.

3. Long continuous running time. Drainage pump because of the pump and motor coaxial, short shaft, light weight of rotating parts, so the load on the bearing (radial) is relatively small, life than the general pump to much longer.

4. There is no cavitation damage and irrigation and other problems. Especially the latter point brings great convenience to the operator.

It is because of the above advantages, submersible sewage pump has been more and more people's attention, the use of a wider and wider range, from the original simply used to transport clear water to can transport a variety of domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, construction site drainage, liquid feed and so on. In municipal engineering, industry, hospitals, construction, hotels, water conservancy construction and other industries play a very important role.

Use of Submersible sewage pump 

1. Enterprise unit wastewater discharge.

2. Urban sewage treatment plant discharge system.

3. Underground, basement, human defense system drainage station.

4. Hospitals, hotels, high-rise buildings sewage discharge.

5. Wastewater drainage stations in residential areas.

6. Municipal projects, construction sites in the discharge of thin slurry.

7. Water supply device of waterworks.

8. Farm sewage discharge and rural farmland irrigation.

9. Exploration of mines and water treatment equipment supporting.

The above information is provided by the submersible sewage pump supplier.


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