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Why Choose a Sled Submersible Axial Flow Pump?

Dec. 17, 2020

For the knowledge of the sled submersible axial flow pump, many friends may still be unfamiliar, but you may have heard of its excellent working ability. This sled-type submersible axial flow pump is powerful, its flow can reach 10 to 650 cubic meters per hour, and the head can even reach 1500 meters. What makes the sled submersible axial flow pump so powerful? Now the sled submersible axial flow pump supplier will analyze it.

Principle of sled submersible axial flow pump

The sled submersible axial flow pump can bring groundwater to the surface, and can also fully use river water for modern agricultural irrigation or plateau areas. Before the sled submersible axial flow pump is operated, the suction pipe and the pump are filled with liquid. After turning on the pump, the impeller starts to rotate at a high speed and the liquid inside also rotates. Under the action of centrifugal force, the water in the pump is ejected from the impeller, and finally flows out of the pump outlet through a series of internal settings, and out of the discharge pipe. Sleigh submersible axial flow pumps use this simple physical principle to realize their own value and provide power for our human production and production.

Application of sled submersible axial flow pump

Sleigh submersible axial flow pumps are widely used in all areas of modern industrial production, and are often used for irrigation and drainage of farmland, industrial and mining docks, urban construction, water supply, power stations, and amusement parks.

Sled Submersible Axial Flow Pump

Performance of sled submersible axial flow pump 

1. The motor-driven water pump is a dry fully enclosed submersible three-phase asynchronous motor, which can be immersed in water for a long time, and has a series of unparalleled advantages of the traditional water pump unit.

2. Because the motor and pump are integrated, the site installation is simple and quick, without the need for time-consuming and laborious motor drive and shaft alignment assembly process.

3. Due to the underwater operation, it can greatly simplify the real geotechnical and building structure engineering of the pumping station, reduce the installation area, and save 30% to 40% of the engineering cost.

4. Low noise and low temperature in the pumping station improves the working environment.

Precautions when starting the sled submersible axial flow pump

1. After the axial flow pump is turned on, be sure to check whether the direction of the pump shaft is correct.

2. When opening the axial flow pump, be sure to read the vacuum gauge carefully.

3. After the equipment is turned on, the staff must concentrate on listening to see if there is any abnormal noise during the rotation of the axial flow pump.

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