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What Are the Factors that Affect the Operation of Submersible Pumps?

Feb. 04, 2021

In order to prolong its service life and ensure the normal operation of submersible pumps and related systems, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive maintenance on submersible pumps and their control systems at least once a year. Today's submersible pump supplier will take you to understand some of the main factors affecting the operation of submersible pumps and submersible pumps before use preparation.

The main factors affecting the operation of the submersible pump

In general, the main factors affecting the normal operation of submersible pumps are the following.

1.Leakage problem

Submersible pump, as the name implies, is a machine pump into the water work, so the leakage problem is one of the important factors affecting the normal operation of submersible pumps.

2. Plugging

When the submersible pump is blocked, the stator winding will produce 5-7 times the normal full load current blocking current, if there is no corresponding protection measures, the submersible pump will soon burn up. There are many reasons for submersible pump blocking, such as impeller jamming, mechanical seal debris stuck shaft, dirt entanglement, etc. 

3.The power supply voltage is too low or the frequency is too low.

4. Wear and rust. 

Wear and tear will greatly reduce the performance of the electric pump, flow, head and efficiency are reduced, the impeller and pump cover rust will also cause blocking. Corrosion of submersible pump parts will not only affect the performance of the pump, and will shorten the service life.

5. Cable rupture, broken. 

Cable rupture, broken cable is not only easy to cause electric shock accidents, and the pump is most likely to be in a two-phase working condition when running, not only the water and easy to damage the motor.

Submersible Pump

Preparation work before using submersible pump

1. Check the cable for rupture and breakage. Before use, observe the appearance of the cable, and check whether the cable is in the path with a multimeter or megohmmeter. There should be no oil leakage at the cable outlet.

2. Before using the new pump or long-term placement of the spare pump before starting, the megohmmeter should be used to measure the insulation of the stator to the shell is not less than 1 megohm, otherwise the motor winding should be dried to improve the insulation level.

3. Check whether the submersible electric pump is leaking oil. The possible oil leakage path of submersible electric pump are cable junction, seal at the sealing room oiling screw and seal at the O-shaped seal ring. Check to determine whether the oil is really leaking. The reason for oil leakage at the oiling screw is that the screw is not tightened, or the oil-resistant rubber gasket under the screw is damaged. If it is determined that the O-ring seal is leaking oil, it is mostly because the O-ring seal is not working, then the pump should be disassembled and the seal ring should be replaced.

4. Before using the submersible electric pump again for a long time, the impeller should be started again after the disk is moved to prevent the parts from rusting and not starting the water and burning the motor winding.

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