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The Working Principle Difference between Self-Priming Pump and Deep Well Pump

Sep. 12, 2020

The so-called self-priming pump does not need to be filled with water before starting (the first time after installation, it still needs to be filled with water). After a short period of operation, the pump itself can suck up water and put it into normal operation. The self-priming pump is divided into three categories according to the principle of action: gas-liquid mixing (including internal mixing and external mixing), water ring wheel and jet (including liquid jet and gas jet).

Working process of gas-liquid hybrid self-priming pump:

Due to the special structure of the self-priming pump body, after the pump stops, there is a certain amount of water in the pump body. After the pump is restarted, due to the rotation of the impeller, the air and water in the suction pipeline are fully mixed and discharged to the air-water separation chamber. The gas in the upper part of the gas-water separation chamber overflows, and the water in the lower part returns to the impeller and re-mixes with the remaining air in the suction pipe until all the gas in the pump and suction pipe is eliminated from the body, completely self-priming, and pumping water normally. The suction pump combines the water ring wheel and the impeller in a shell, and discharges the gas through the water ring to realize self-suction. When the pump is working normally, the passage of the water ring wheel and the impeller can be blocked by the valve, and the liquid in the water ring can be discharged. The jet self-priming pump is composed of a centrifugal pump and a jet pump (or ejector). Relying on the spray device, create a vacuum at the nozzle to pump water.

Deep Well Pump

Working principle of deep well pump:

The vane pump that pumps water from the well is called the deep well pump: the long axis deep well pump is the most common type of well pump. Due to the depth of the well, the required head is relatively large, and the pump head ranges from 15 to 17 meters. Deep well pumps are generally segmented mist centrifugal pumps. According to the structural characteristics of the deep-well pump, it is very important to correct the fault during the correct operation and prolong the operation of the deep-well pump to ensure the safe operation of the deep-well pump. A stainless steel multi-stage deep well pump belongs to the technical field of a water pump for deep well water intake. The pump body and impeller are made of silica sol lost wax mold. The precision material is stainless steel. The structure includes the pump body and the impeller contained in the pump body, the pump body and the impeller are respectively installed on the shaft, the pump body and the shaft are clearance fit, the impeller and the shaft are fixedly matched, the pump bodies are assembled on the shaft in turn, and the outer wall of the pump is smooth and integrated. The lower end device of the water pump driven by the motor has a motor seat. When working, the pump body and impeller of each set can have a head of about 7 meters. Multi-stage series can meet some special needs. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, long life and high processing accuracy.

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