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The Starting Steps and Precautions of Axial Flow Pump

Jun. 24, 2020

The starting process of the axial flow pump should be: first, fully open the inlet valve of the single-stage axial flow pump, close the outlet valve, start the motor, and wait until the speed is normal, then gradually open the outlet valve and adjust it to the required working conditions.

Accurate operation method of axial flow pump

The operation of the axial flow pump can be divided into three processes, namely starting, running, and stopping.

Start: Before starting, the following preparations should be made:

(1) Check the condition of the axial flow pump equipment.

(2) Bearing oil filling, normal oil level, qualified oil quality

(3) Fully open the inlet valve of the axial flow pump.

(4) Inject water into the pump or draw water from the vacuum pump (except for backfilling) to open the air valve to exhaust.

(5) Check the leaking condition of the shaft seal, and the packing seal should use a small amount of dripping water.

(6) The direction of motor rotation is accurate.

After the above preparations are completed, the motor can be started. After the speed is normal, check the pressure and current and pay attention to whether there is oscillation and noise. After everything is normal, gradually open the outlet valve, adjust to the required working conditions, and pay attention to the time when the valve is idling Should not exceed 3 minutes.

Axial Flow Pump

Operation: During operation, it is mainly touring tour, there are four aspects to view content:

1. Viewing of bearings

(1) The bearing temperature does not exceed 75℃.

(2) No water or impurities can enter the bearing chamber, and the oil cannot be emulsified or blackened.

(3) When rolling bearing is lubricated with thin oil, the oil level should not be lower than the centerline of the oil mark.

(4) Is there any abnormal noise?When the rolling bearing is damaged, an abnormal noise usually occurs.

2. Is reading of vacuum gauge, pressure gauge and ammeter normal?

(1) The pointer of the vacuum gauge should not be too large, which may cause the pump inlet to vaporize.In addition, the reading of the vacuum gauge should not be too high. If it is too high, the inlet valve may be blocked, stuck, or the water level of the suction tank may be reduced by one level.

(2) The reading of the outlet pressure gauge is too low, it may be the severe wear of the sealing ring and the guide vane sleeve, the rotor gap is too large, or the outlet valve is too open, the flow rate is large, and the head is low.

(3) The ammeter reading is too large, it may be a large flow, or there is a conflict between the stator and the rotor.

3.Whether the pump unit has a large oscillation, the factors that form the oscillation are:

(1) The axial lines of the axial flow pump and the motor are not aligned.

(2) Axial pump or motor foot bolts are loose, or the foundation is not strong.

(3) The rotor mass is unbalanced.

(4) The pump runs at a small flow rate, and radial forces, backflow, and cavitation occur.

4. Is the sealing operation normal?

(1) The K-shaped power seal will not drip during normal operation.

(2) If there is cooling water equipment, check whether the water flow is normal.

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