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What Are the Purchasing Principles for Submersible Axial Flow Pumps?

Jul. 27, 2020

Submersible axial flow pumps are mainly used in urban drainage projects and flood control projects. It has stable performance and durability, so what should we pay attention to when choosing it? Let's follow the axial flow water pump manufacturer to find out:

1) Must meet the requirements of flow and head (or pressure) in the production process according to the needs of production.

2) Choose a pump with good performance and strong adaptability and assurance to the changes in flow and head required by the project. First of all, we should choose a pump with high efficiency, good suction performance, and a wide range of applications from the series of products that have been finalized. When there are multiple pump types to choose from, a technical and economic analysis should be carried out and the best one should be adopted. When the series of products cannot meet the selection requirements, new products can be designed and trial-produced according to the prescribed procedures. When the head change required by the project is large, a pump with a steep drop curve should be used; when the flow required by the project changes greatly, a pump with a gentle H-Q curve should be used.

Axial Flow Pump

3) Try to make the selected pump run within its high efficiency zone, that is, near the design (rated) operating point. The pump unit can operate normally and safely under various working conditions of the design standards, that is, no cavitation, vibration, and overload phenomenon occur.

4) In the long-term operation of the selected pump, the average device efficiency is high, the energy consumption is low, and the operating cost is low.

5) The model and number of pumps selected save the investment of the entire system (the sum of equipment costs and investment in civil engineering and installation projects).

6) Easy to construct, easy to operate, manage and maintain.

7) For cascade pumps, the pump model and number should meet the flow coordination requirements between the upper and lower pumps, and try to avoid or reduce the insufficient or excessive flow of the lower pumps due to improper flow coordination.

8) For large-scale axial flow pumps and double-suction pumps, device model test data should be available; when the prototype is greatly changed, the device model test should be repeated.

9) In the selection of pumps for agricultural irrigation and drainage projects, the requirements of comprehensive water conservancy development should be taken into consideration as far as possible.


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