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Precautions before Installation of Axial Flow Pump

Jun. 11, 2020

The normal operation of the axial flow pump has a great relationship with its installation position, and the following conditions should be met during installation:

① A trash rack should be installed in front of the inlet pool to prevent debris and water plants from entering the pump body, which affects the normal operation of the plastic magnetic pump and the pump parts may be damaged in serious cases;

②Pay attention to the shape of the inlet pool and the arrangement of the water pump, and the funnel vortex should not be caused on the water surface of the water pump during operation, and there should be no uneven water inlet;

③According to the requirements of the pump instruction manual, the pump impeller has sufficient submerged depth below the water surface;

④ There is a certain distance between the inlet bell mouth and the bottom of the inlet pool, the wall of the pool, and the pump and the pump.

Axial Flow Pump

1. Preparations before installation

All the parts of the water stalks shipped to the installation site must be inspected, pay attention to whether the disassembly and assembly tools are complete, and whether there are any defects in the parts during transportation.

Clean up the floating rust, grease and burrs on the joint surfaces of various parts of the pump.

Check the elevation and quality of the civil foundation and the depth of the screw holes of the embedded foundation according to the installation outline drawing of the pump.

Prepare installation tools, measuring instruments, lifting equipment and other auxiliary materials.

Check whether the pump shaft is bent or damaged, and strictly check whether the center line of the coupling, flange and pump shaft are concentric, and the eccentricity error should not exceed the value specified in the instruction manual.

The above information is provided by axial flow water pump manufacturer.

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