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Maintenance and Repair of Axial Flow Pump

Jun. 20, 2020

Most mechanical equipment is composed of electrical, mechanical, and other parts, of which electrical and mechanical parts are particularly important for mechanical equipment. Once a failure occurs, it will affect the normal operation of the equipment. The same is true of axial flow pumps, so the axial flow pumps in use must be regularly maintained and maintained in electrical, mechanical and other aspects in order to effectively improve their service life and working efficiency.

1. Mechanical maintenance and repair

(1) Always check the mechanical seal of the axial flow pump. Open the oil hole screw and release a small amount of oil. If the oil contains water, it means that the upper grinding block (or lower grinding block) has leaked. The seal box should be replaced and new cooling oil added. If there is a lack of oil in the oil hole or the oil quality is not good, it should be filled with full loss system oil or replaced with new oil.

(2) For a new or replaced abrasive block axial flow pump, the water seal plug should be unscrewed after 50 hours of use to check the oil (water) leakage. If it is less than 5mL, the seal is normal and can continue to be used. After the oil (water) is drained, tighten the sealing plug and continue to use it for 50 hours for a second inspection. If it is still greater than 5mL, it means that there is a problem with the seal. For used axial flow pumps, the leakage volume should be checked once a month, which should be less than 25mL, and can be used after being drained.

(3) Regularly check the bearing of the axial flow pump. See if the bearing is short of oil, whether there is a situation of running the inner ring or running the outer ring, and whether the bearing needs to be replaced (the bearing of the water-filled axial flow pump is best replaced once a year).

Axial Flow Pumps

2. Other aspects of maintenance and care

(1) Always check whether the inlet net cover of the axial flow pump is blocked by weed dirt and whether the impeller is entangled.

(2) The axial flow pump that has not been used for a long time should be raised to the surface of the water, washed and dried, and stored upright in a dry and ventilated room.

(3) Before use in spring, the top-level pump casing should be disassembled, and the impeller should be turned on and then turned on to prevent the components from rusting and failing to start and burn the motor. After one year of use, the rust of the axial flow pump should be fully inspected and painted to prevent rust.

(4) After the axial flow pump has operated for 1 to 2 years, conduct a major inspection, dismantle all parts for maintenance, scrubbing, descaling and descaling. If there is dirt, the motor can be immersed in a specific detergent solution of 0.2%, heated to about 100°C and stirred to accelerate the dissolution of the dirt. After the dirt is eliminated for 1 to 2 hours, rinse it with high-pressure tap water, clean the water drops, and put it in the oven to dry at low temperature.

The above information is provided by mixed flow pump manufacturer.

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